One Piece: There was a mysterious figure appearing at the end of chapter 1004, fans stirring, did "holy" Enel come back?

 Enel was once the "Lord" of Skypiea and was extremely powerful. Not only that, he is also one of the most favorite villains of the manga / anime One Piece.

Up to now, the battle between the Supernovas and the Yonko has been fought for a long time on the floors of Kaido Castle on Onigashima Island. Especially in One Piece chapter 1004, Otama appeared and made a clever plan, turning the enemy into his army, making fans extremely excited.

With the current situation, the Yonko Pirates are still superior in all aspects, so if you want to win Luffy's group, you need to get help from the other parties. And recently at the end of chapter 1004, a mysterious character appeared, many people thought that this was someone close to the Nine Hong Bao group. But from the appearance, someone thinks that this is Saint Enel, has "god" has returned?

As we know Enel is the main rival in Luffy's Skypiea. He is considered the former "God" of Skypiea, being the strongest rival in the Sky Island Saga. 2 years later after being defeated by the Straw Hats, he went to the moon and became the new ruler there. Despite being a villain, Enel is loved by many audiences and regretted his departure. Therefore, the fans always want to continue to see this character.

And it was in this Wano arc that the "god" hypothesis was rumored by many fans. The basis for this theory's emergence was something long dangling to the right of the mysterious character believed to resemble Enel's ear. Also, Nami previously mentioned a louder thunderbolt. There were those who thought that Nami's words foreshadowed Enel's arrival.

Not only that, before that, the author Oda also "ambiguous" gave some clues about the return of Enel in the future when a series of photos of Enel's space journey appeared in the story. ministory . But we also know that these stories exist and I think this is the clue that author Oda has revealed about the parallel to the main storyline and counts as part of the series.

Furthermore, the images of robots appearing on the Moon are identical to those created by Dr. Tsukimi. Many people suspect that Tsukimi once had a time on the Moon then encountered an event that had to leave to live on Earth. Because in fact he has a high level of science and technology, unlike ordinary people on Earth.

And if this is true, then if the people living on the Moon can move back to Earth, then with his intelligence and abilities, Enel can do it too. And right now he appeared in Wano Kingdom with a new mission.
Reading now, what do people think about this theory, will "god" Enel really return or not? Let us know your thoughts on this matter for us to discuss.

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